Stellar Phases Earrings | Moon Phases Boho Hippie

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These stunning earrings are a celestial-inspired piece of art that will leave astrology lovers starry-eyed. Crafted with a unique blend of mirror acrylic and sapele wood, these earrings boast an ornate leaf design that perfectly frames the intricately engraved moon phase. The mirror acrylic reflects light in a dazzling manner, creating an otherworldly effect that is sure to catch the eye. The sapele wood frame adds a natural and earthy element, providing a balanced contrast to the celestial-inspired theme. These earrings are not just an accessory; they are a statement piece that embodies the wonder of the night sky. The engraved moon phase represents the phases of life and the ebb and flow of the universe, making these earrings a thoughtful and meaningful gift for those who appreciate the deeper meanings of life. Wearing these earrings is a celebration of the stars and the infinite possibilities they represent. These are the perfect earrings for those who love to stargaze, ponder th