Fair Trade Ethically Sourced Boho Latin Chic

Effortless fashion
with a purpose

Express your unique style
without sacrificing your values

Embrace effortless fashion with a purpose

Look and feel great in
effortless fashion with a purpose. 80% of our products are Fair Trade and
ethically sourced, with a special focus on featuring small women owned
businesses, empowering women worldwide. Our BoHo and Latin chic styles will
help you express your unique style without sacrificing your values. Each
piece is made with the highest quality materials, ensuring you are investing in
something that will last for years to come and make a positive impact on our

I found my purpose

Finding Fair Trade and ethically sourced items has been my focus for the past 5 years. In my searches I found vendors who work with with women who have been victims of sex trafficking and domestic abuse. As a survivor of domestic abuse, it is important to me to find companies that empower and educate women. This has also inspired me to share my own personal story and give back in 2024 by raising funds for domestic violence shelters. 

Currently I am at just over 80% Fair Trade. My clothing, handbags, and jewelry come from vendors all over the world who give back to their communities/countries. It gives me a huge sense of pride to know that this little business of mine can contribute. I am committed to pay it forward and help those in need just as I was helped when I was in need. 

I am proud of my Latina roots, and I want to share this with my special Viva collection. The rich colors and embroidered pieces tell a story of my heritage.

What inspires me!?! My customers! It is important for me to provide unique and high-quality products. It is my passion to help my customers not only look their best but to feel their best.

A label I give myself and wear with honor: SURVIVOR. I survived physical, mental, and emotional abuse as well as cult mentality. Helping others has always been a way of healing for me. There is a beautiful life on the other side of pain.

My happy place is spending time with my partner Joe and adult children Alex and Jena. If your are taking the time to read this use code: tacosandritas for an extra 15% off. Life is precious and oh so short. My hobbies include Jam nights with the family, hiking, traveling the world (Spain changed me completely), cooking especially Mexican food (my love for TACOS knows no bounds), fishing (yes fishing!) all things nature, listening to Spanish music, dancing, and singing at the top of my lungs while drinking wine with friends and family.

This is me.... Leticia Aurora