Pearls Necklace, Gold Layering Necklaces, Pendant Pearls, Da

$46.99 USD

Discover the allure of our exquisite handmade gold necklaces. Crafted with precision from gold plated Sterling Silver 925 and complemented by lustrous freshwater pearls, our collection features a white rosary, a delicate necklace with five ivory pearls, and a long necklace adorned with a captivating large freshwater pearl. Explore this exclusive assortment only at Christina Christi Store. MATERIALS - All my chains have the best quality (Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925), they don't get black with water and they don't create allergies. - Freshwater Pearls. - Natural Stones on the rosary. - In all necklaces i use extension at the joined edges for perfect fit. DIMENSIONS - Rosary Necklace has length 37 cm (14.5'') - Five Pendant Pearls has length 40 cm (15.7'') - Large Pearl (1cm - 0.39'') Necklace has length 47 cm (18.5'') - If you would like to have more or less cm to your necklaces, you can inform me with a message before your order. PROTECTION • To keep your jewelry bright and shiny